About Global Office

At Global Office, we offer professional services for organisations and individuals in the areas of strategic and operational planning, advocacy and communications, political and campaign planning and event management. Our broad range of service areas ensure that our clients have the tools and expertise they need to strengthen their capacity, extend their reach and deliver sustainable results.

We are committed to finding solutions to the challenges you face and we work within your capacity, however limited, to leverage opportunities, amplify your message and secure measurable success, the way you define it.

Our values and focus areas are the driving forces behind everything that we do


Commitment to high quality work that is client-focused and tailored to your needs


Maintain a big picture perspective with a focus on your mission


Inform through a deep understanding of local contexts and ethical procurement


Create sustainable growth with a global reach


We work closely with partners to define clear and measurable goals. Whether helping to develop a strategic plan or structuring a programme that achieves the highest return on investment, we work with our clients to identify objectives and develop strategies.


Within any organisation there are competing priorities, and resource limitations that can hinder progress and delivery. Our team will work with your team, regardless of size or structure to fill gaps in capacity to ensure you achieve your vision.


The key to progress is to measure impact, review actions, and integrate change. Through robust research and analysis alongside effective monitoring, we ensure your operational and programmatic strategies achieve lasting results.

Service Areas

Strategic Planning
Research and Analysis
Partnership Engagement
Programme Development
Project Management

Communication Planning
Campaign Development
Brand Development
Digital Media Management
Advocacy Training

Election Planning
Campaign Development
Global positioning
Strategic Planning
Political landscape analysis
Policy Development

Concept and content design
Planning and Logistics
Workshop and meeting facilitation
Speaker engagement


We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.